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History Contour Plus product and its official site in Ukraine begins with the company Ascensia, which was founded back in 1863 and by the early 20th century had a large number of areas, including and for diabetics.

For medical development of Ascensia Medical Care meets the direction in which the works since 1941, the official division of Diabetes Care.

Ascensia, which is by far the world leader in the control of diabetes, was presented an innovative system for measuring the level of glucose in the blood Contour Plus. The advantages of this device are its extreme ease of use and ready for testing from the date of its incorporation. The system is able to satisfy both simple and more complex user requirements due to the availability of simple and advanced mode. Contour Plus system from Ascensia is intended for the purpose of monitoring blood glucose in patients with diabetes and healthcare professionals, and includes:

  • meter Contour plus;
  • a test strip therein;
  • lancets Microlet.

 Benefits Contour plus and the official website in Ukraine

Thanks to the new Contour Plus innovation allows a small amount of material to produce highly accurate results that you can learn in just 5 seconds. Also, the device has all the latest technology to improve the quality of measurement of glucose in the body:

  • technology "No Coding" (without encryption);
  • "Second-Chance" (a second chance)
  • "Sip-in Sampling" (samozabora blood).
  • other modern systems for quick and quality control of sugar levels in the body.

Furthermore, the device is able to determine the contour Plus incomplete filling of the test strip and solves adding blood to the test within 30 seconds. Test strips are made so that the suction tip easily draws blood into themselves. Circuit plus intended for quantitative monitoring of glucose in the whole blood ranges from 0.6 to 33.3 mmol / l. Measurement of glucose in the body with this device is much easier and more convenient. Fully enjoy the benefits of the system Contour Plus only in the process of exploitation.

It is worth noting that the unit owned by Ascensia Diabetes Care in 2016 became the property of Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co company, and diabetic direction will now function with the name ASCENSIA Diabet Care Holdings. At the same time the company received the rights and lead to the division of products Sontour plus. Given this fact, in the future it can be expected even more startling transformation and improvement of the system. On the Ukrainian market, the official distributor of Contour Plus products company engaged in the Medical and our website,, acts as the official website of the Contour Plus.

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