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Contour Plus blood glucose meter is a progressive machine of a new generation. The blood glucose meter Contour Plus provides all measurement results almost immediately, in a few simple steps. The probability of errors with it is practically zero. Run measurement procedure with Contour Plus blood glucose meter is possible if there is only six tenths of a microliter of blood, and froze you spend no more than 5 seconds time. Contour Plus blood glucose meter operated very successfully in the clinical setting, and perfectly suited for personal use.

The blood glucose meter Contour Plus: features and benefits

  • High accuracy of blood glucose measurements. Accuracy Contour Plus blood glucose meter above the new standard of accuracy ISO 15197: 2003 at the expense of used test strips enzyme FAD GDH. This eliminates the error in the interaction with galactose, maltose and oxygen.
  • The presence of the blood glucose meter Contour Plus technology No coding, through which you can avoid errors due to incorrect coding.
  • Possibility of re-application of blood on a test strip of the same Contour Plus for 30 seconds. at its shortfall from the first time thanks to the Second Chance technology.
  • The minimum number of blood samples for the study.
  • The results obtained after only 5 seconds since the beginning of the study of the blood glucose meter Contour Plus.
  • Identify sparsity test strip Contur Plus in the recruitment of blood.
  • In the meter from Contour Plus available in two modes, which are used depending on the needs of the patient - basic and advanced. With the additional features the advanced mode, the meter Contour Plus, you can personalize and track your individual figure for one week. There is also research the markers before and after meals, and an alarm clock that will not miss the next test.
  • A wide range of humidity (10-93%) and the operating temperature (5-45 C).
  • The ability to use the device at a high altitude (up to 6.301 m).
  • Available with a study of venous and capillary blood.
  • A wide range of gemokrita (0-70%).

Given the large variety of these devices on the modern pharmacy market, it is important not to make a mistake and buy the most suitable option. If you buy a blood glucose meter Contour Plus and look at all of its benefits, we can safely say that it is truly one of the best in terms of quality of materials and operation as well as the price. The meter circuit, plus the price is really meets its versatility and efficiency of action, is by far the best solution of problems of people who need frequent use of blood glucose meters. Buy Contour Plus blood glucose meter can be in our online store.

  • It uses a small amount of blood;
  • Result after 5 seconds;
  • Technology without coding No Coding ™;
  • Technology Second Chance Second-Chance ™;
  • Technology blood samozabora Sip-in Sampling ™;
  • Definition of incomplete filling of the test strip;
  • Analytical range: 0.6 - 33.3 mmol / L;
  • Wide operating temperature range: 5 - 45C;
  • Wide humidity range: 10 - 93%;
  • It works on high altitude: up to 6.301 meters;
  • A wide range of hematocrit: 0 -70%;
  • It can be used with venous or capillary blood;
  • The ability to personalize the meter (HI / LO);
  • The average figure for the personalized 7 days;
  • The memory of the last 480 trials;
  • The median for the 7-, 14-, and 30 days;
  • Markers studies before and after meals.
  • The ability to set the alarm clock to conduct the test after a meal.


  • The blood glucose meter;
  • Microlet lancing device;
  • 5 lancets;
  • 5 test strips;
  • Warranty Card;
  • Instructions.
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